Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ROBERT T. RIVERA ON LINE started as an experimental blog almost four years ago by a friend and personal photographer of Undersecretary Robert T. Rivera, whose passion in photography and video production, which has been his hobby, spans for almost ten years. It started from the concept of achieving a low cost production or a FREE site to promote nationalist advocacies through cyber technology. Propagating and advancing advocacies to promote nationalist agenda is costly, not to mention commercialism, the dictates of mainstream media's editorial board including its stockholder's interest and political pressures. The cyber community provides for this democratic space, where a person can directly convey, link or quote a report from reliable sources, worldwide. What is lacking then are the people who has firm commitment in advocating nationalist agenda with unblemished track record free from politics and vested interest. Usec. Robert T. Rivera, is one among them. Despite his wealth and stature in life, he remains apolitical, humble, God-fearing person, who consistently promotes Pilipino talents for decades. He has been responsible for the rise to fame of Pilipino talents and Original Pilipino Music, in the airwaves, in the film industry, in television and; now, in the cyber space. We made this project in his honor and that, of his advocacies, where his relatives, friends, avid followers and even passer-by, worlwide, can, from time to time, click, watch, look back in the memory lane and move on looking forward to a better future for ourselves, our love ones and the Filipino people as a whole. Join us in this journey.